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Downloadable Reports
My main wish is that it would be possible to download an excel / CSV report grid of events, together with the total sales for each event (summarised across all allocations), i.e.,
Event Title — Date — Total Tickets Sold
Every Monday and Friday, I’m updating our system with the total number of tickets sold for each event across Ticketline, SeeTickets, Skiddle and other platforms. At the moment, I’m manually copying and pasting these figures from the Analyse area of the interface into our database, which is problematic as it lends itself to human error e.g., copying a sales total into the wrong event if we’re touring an artist across multiple venues. This method also didn't give me the full ticket count, but a breakdown of sales for that event, which I then had to add up.
I spoke to one of your colleagues regarding this functionality. Although she was extremely helpful and took me through some of the other reports it’s possible to generate such as the Ticket Sales Breakdown or searching for ticket sales by date range (rather than event): we kept coming up against a brick wall whereby it was either exporting transactional records (and not showing the full event title and date — problematic for instances where we have the same artist performing at different venues) or I was getting an sales breakdown via the interface / daily 9am sales reports which weren’t downloadable as a grid. This means it’s not possible to import the totals for each event into our system, and therefore necessitates the manual copying and pasting.
Ticketline and SeeTickets provide a way of doing this. I was wondering whether it’s possible for Skiddle to implement a similar report? Please do let me know if I’m missing something or if you can show me a more efficient way of generating these reports.

Presumably all of your data sits in a central database and should be compatible with into an excel/CSV or delimited format? All of our other ticket agents - Ticketline, SeeTickets, Spektrix, Dice - as well as our other venues and their box offices and ticketing systems are able to offer these formats without issue.

Please would it be possible to have the event date on this grid/report?
There is a risk of a sales figure from a previous event being match imported if I did it by just the event name alone.

Sell tickets —> tickets overview (see attached)
Just wondering if it’s possible to implement a filter by venue feature on this window?
As I’m having to copy and paste manually from Skiddle into Filemaker, and only covering internal events, this would simplify things further for me.

Manage Events
Interface is generally v slow unless you use Chrome. It would be great to make the interface more compatible with other browsers such as Safari and Firefox.

Event Name
Please is there any way by which Skiddle can flag up if a name exceeds the number of characters?
e.g., The Unthanks - Orchestral With Army Of Generals, conducted by Charles Hazlewood, live at The Stoller Hall, Manchester —> The Unthanks - Orchestral With Army Of Generals
Fortunately I noticed it this time but I don’t always notice so would be v useful to flag it up either during the listing creation process or afterwards.

Short Description
Skiddle only accepts a maximum number of characters. The number is very minimal, and often I find I’m having to shorten short copy in order to fit, at the cost of it making sense. No other platforms have a character limit this short.

Full Description
Skiddle only accepts a hard-paste (shift-alt-command-V) rather than a standard paste. On another browser that’s not Chrome, if I try to do a standard paste (command-V), it just types v.
In addition:
- It doesn’t preserve the carriage returns between paragraphs, so I have to paste paragraph-by-paragraph. This takes ages - especially when doing tours.
- It doesn’t preserve the formatting from the source text.
- It disregards case when presented on the website and presents everything in lower case.

Having to select from drop-down menus instead of simply typing in.
• Date of event
There is no option to type in the date.
Instead, you have to manually click and select from drop-down menus.
Skiddle doesn’t flag up if you add an event that’s in the past. It goes ahead and creates the event anyway. If you then go back into the listing and try and edit the date, it won’t let you; forcing you to delete the listing and create it again from scratch. It also doesn’t let you edit or delete the event if tickets are already added.
• Event Starts
There is no option to type in the time.
Instead, you have to manually click and select from drop-down menus.
• Event Ends
There is no option to type in the time.
Instead, you have to manually click and select from drop-down menus.

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