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Duplicate Event Warning (see attached)
Please would it be possible to put the date field at the top of the event listing creation screen? This way it would flag up duplicate events sooner, without waiting until I’ve put in all of the other details (Category, Short Description, Full Description, Info Phone Number, Website, Event visibility) first before flagging. If I’d known that there was already a Keni Burke event in there, I wouldn’t have needed to add these details, and it would have sped up the process.

Headline DJs/Artists
If the artist is not listed, it prompts you to add a new artist. When you enter the name of the artist, it prompts you to use proper capitalisation, but then ignores this capitalisation and presents everything without the capitalisation.
In addition, it’s imperative that copy is added to the artist (even though I don’t know anything about the artist). If I enter copy in here, the system replaces it with its own anyway.
There is no way to assign that artist to the event you’re currently working on. Skiddle forces you to type it in again from scratch. Copying and pasting this value in speeds things up slightly, but even so, sometimes they don’t appear in the dropdown menu, prompting you to delete the last letter and re-enter it in order to refresh.
Sometimes the popup where it says “No Results Found” sticks and doesn’t go away, blocking the “Add a new artist” button. This happened today with Dobet Gnahore.

1. The image formats are very demanding and most of the time, it doesn’t accept the image I provide.
2. If it does accept the image I provide, it often takes down the image.
3. If it takes down the image, it doesn’t do this immediately; it waits before you’ve stopped working on the event, and then sends an auto-generated email to the account administrator, rather than telling you immediately (in context, while you’re working on the event).
4. For these reason, I use Suggested Images.
5. Sometimes even the Suggested Images are rejected by Skiddle, which seems arbitrary as they were suggested by Skiddle in the first place.

Increase the idle time of the page before it refreshes.
Occasionally, the page refreshes whilst you’re creating an event. When working on tours, this means you lose everything, which can be very frustrating. Either have a slower interface and not to refresh so soon. Or have a faster interface. But not to have it both ways.

Facility to schedule listings:
This feature would be very useful! Especially on events where we are not supposed to announce until a specific date/time. It would be helpful for me to schedule them and for it to auto-publish so as not to risk delay on the morning if I have a lot of events to announce.
Please would we be able to make it possible to schedule events on Skiddle, i.e., create the events as drafts but set a publish date for a date and time in the future? Please would it be possible to also do this with tickets as well?
Is it possible to create tickets, embargo them, and then do the event listing afterwards? Or does there have to be an event listing already published for it to be possible to add tickets?
I’ve been requested to schedule/embargo tickets until the on sale date - and in some cases this is impossible if we don’t have the promo yet.

Go back to Manage Event
Also would be useful to have a quick link to edit the event on the event creation successful screen. I know you can view the event straight away, which is great, but had to click Manage Events and re-navigate back to the event just created to edit it - would save time to have this link on the creation successful screen (if not already)

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