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Credentials / facility to have secondary users on account
Several problems:
Skiddle forces you to change your username/password every 6 months, which causes unnecessary stress and anxiety for all involved, especially when several members of staff need access to the same account. I can understand that this is an added security feature, but it would be useful if this were optional per account.
There is no facility for several members of the same team to access the same account as separate users, like there is on MailChimp. This would make things much easier because we would each have our own credentials, and not require contacting all other members of staff on the team every time it’s changed, which creates a security risk. (we have started recording passwords in our database system as emailing them internally compromises their security)
Skiddle blocks you after 3 unsuccessful login attempts and only the account administrator is able to rectify this. This means that if I’m trying to create events or do a sales report, and Santana is away, I can’t do it. It’s very easy to get locked out of the account after 3 unsuccessful login attempts. The whole feel is very precarious and dangerous! Sometimes I’m too scared to even touch it for fear of the process repeating itself.
If the account is locked, Skiddle staff can’t go in and edit events on our behalf.
You will automatically be logged out after a period of inactivity. This period is very minimal - 10 minutes in some cases.
Automated emails
There is no option for the auto-generated emails to go to someone other than the account administrator (Santana). This means Santana has to forward me notices from Skiddle rather than me just picking them up directly. It would be useful to add a secondary contact email to the Skiddle account (unless it’s already possible): as I’d like to receive all of the emails that Santana receives even if I’m not the primary account administrator.

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